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Wet erase liquid chalk markers are a very unusual type of pen. Traditional chalk markers have been used for lots of years. Most people have observed and used pens in and out of school. They are made from a soft white, powdery limestone consisting chiefly of fossil shells of foraminifers. They produce a great bold line or mark, but chalk is very dusty and messy to use.

Wiping off old style chalk markers is easy with the well known and well used felt eraser, but every erasing leaves a more residue that stacks up over time and leads to a major cleaning with special cleaners, depending on the writing surface. This fact is even more apparent with many of the new limestone type chalk markers because of dyes that are added to make a variety of colors wanted in today's more flamboyant tastes and requirements.

Enter the colorful Neochalk wet erase liquid chalk pens with a water based non poisonous ink. This wet erase liquid chalk marker is available in a variety of nib sizes to make sign jobs easy. A big advantage is that you are no where nearly as limited to the kind of writing surface material you can use them on like you are with regular chalk. cleaning is simple because they are wet erase chalk markers, meaning a wet cloth wipes it slick as a whistle, but liquid chalk pens are still considerably more tamper proof than average chalk markers.

The colors attainable with this type of wet erase liquid chalk marker are nearly limitless. The truly best part is the colors are very bright and showy, with a neon brightness. When they dry, they dry with a chalk-like texture that does not produce an airborne dust.

Wet erase, neon colored liquid chalk markers by Neoplex have it all for any job you need to do; chalk texture, bright neon colors and easy wet erase cleanup, all in one simple to use wet erase liquid chalk marker.

 Wet erase liquid chalk neon markers & pens for signs, windows or any smooth surface 13 fantastic colored markers that come right off with a damp cloth! Similar to Bright Stick pens, but more colors & less money!  Now available in the NEW earth tone and chisel tip!
Fluorescent, neon colored waterproof SEMI-PERMANENT markers & pens for signs or artwork you don't want tampered with or spoiled by the weather, but are easily removed with any window cleaner. Also in two styles of tip; Chisel tip for fine to medium lines and a wide 1/2" broad tip when you need to put lots of ink down. These markers are similar to Uni Posca markers, but, of course, we think they are better! PLUS, we have 8 great colors!

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