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Corex:  Corrugated polypropylene material. This construction is very similar to the way heavy cardboard box material is made, but with polypropylene (plastic).  100% weatherproof, lightweight and a very tough ridged material.  Uses:  Laminating, taping or tacking posters or other fliers, plus great for vinyl lettering.  Doubles as a marker board when used with our liquid chalk markers, but you will want to order our special chalkboard cleaner, too.  The panels are reversible, so you always have a fresh side.  Colors in white or black. THIS IS NOT A DRY ERASE BOARD.  DRY ERASE MARKERS CAN STAIN THIS BOARD!


Chalkboard:  The most popular sign panel we offer!  A tough textured Melamine made from a very durable thermosetting plastic laminated over medium density fiberboard.  Scratch resistant and works exceptionally well with our liquid chalk markers.  Very weather resistant.  Colors in black and green.


Dry Erase:  Constructed out of the same Melamine laminate over medium density fiberboard as the chalkboard, but with a high gloss white finish required for great performance with dry erase markers.                 


Acrylic:  Solid colored thermoplastic or polymer, known as Plexiglas or Acrylic Glass because of it's smooth glass-like appearance.  All our acrylic panels are cast (molded) into sheets, not extruded, which can produce unsightly ripples.  The panels are 100% weatherproof, plus reversible for two usable sides.  Available in black or white.  Our waterproof Neomarkers and Neochalk liquid chalk markers are a perfect match!
Acrylic "Matte" Chalkboard:  Absolutely the most gorgeous chalkboard on the market!  Textured acrylic plexiglas.  Very scratch resistant and 100% weatherproof.  Two sided, one side textured, the other smooth and shiny like our regular acrylic panels.
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